Limited Lifetime Warranty

We guarantee the work as long as said vehicle shall remain under the present ownership. Items on the repair order such as sublet work or sublet labor are subject to the guarantee of those suppliers. This warranty shall only apply if the defects occurred under normal driving conditions and not where any vehicle has been subjected to accidents, negligence, abuse or misuse. Specifically excluded from this written warranty is rust coming through the metal, and scratches and gravel marks acquired from driving conditions. This warranty is for the specific itemized repair provided to you by Wallkill Body Shop & Glass Inc. Warranty covers labor and materials only. Related parts may be covered by specific warranties given by the original manufacturers.

If the repair work performed on the vehicle by Wallkill Body Shop & Glass Inc. becomes defective under normal use, Wallkill Body Shop & Glass Inc. will, without charge for the labor and materials, repair any work which proves to be defective. Although most new original equipment parts carry a separate warranty by the original manufacturer, the vehicle owner is responsible for any parts not covered by such separate warranty.

The following are excluded from this warranty:

  1. Defects resulting from misuse, negligence, lack of proper maintenance, fire or other casualties, or any other repair done by this shop.
  2. Normal wear and element exposure. Extreme environmental conditions. Repair and/or replacement of tires, batteries, mechanical parts, electrical parts, wiper blades, oils, lubricants and air conditioner recharge.
  3. Wheel alignment (1day).

Wallkill Body Shop & Glass Inc. shall not be liable under this express warranty for loss of use of vehicle, loss of time, inconvenience, towing, rental or substitute transportation, lodging, loss of business or any other incidental or consequential damages.

In order to obtain service under this warranty, bring vehicle, your warranty certificate, and a copy of the final repair invoice with a written explanation of your concern to Wallkill Body Shop & Glass Inc.